By September 21, 2013 Recipes

This cheese cake can be made in gluten and nut free  version as well.


12 biscuits, Arnott’s or gluten free biscuits

1 cup almond meal, hazelnut meal or macadamia meal

(If you are allergic to nuts, replace nut meal with extra crushed gluten

free biscuits.)

125 melted butter


1kg of ricotta cheese (low fat)

3 packets of strawberry jelly

3 punnets of fresh strawberries

1/2 cup of xylitol or 3/4 cup of sugar

vanilla essence to taste



Crush biscuits into small crumbs with a rolling pin. Add nut meal and melted butter. Mix and press into a pie dish, flan tray or tort tin. Refrigerate until required.

Make a strawberry jelly in two pyrex jags. Dissolve 2 packets into 1/2 l of hot water. Dissolve 1 packet of the jelly in  1/4 cup of water in the second jag.

Blend 2 punnets of strawberries into a pulp in a blender. Cream cheese, xylitol in a food processor  add strawberry pulp and gradually add cool 1/2 liter of strawberry jelly and blend vigorously  so cheese mixture and jelly do not separate. Flavor with vanilla essence to taste.

Pour cheese cake mixture on top of biscuit base, spread evenly. Refrigerate or freeze .

When the cheesecake sets, decorate with fresh strawberries on top and pour strawberry jelly from  the second jar. Refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Recipe developed by Danuta Hulajko from the DH- Natural Medicine  Clinic.