Our  6 week Immune Boost Program  guarantees to prepare  your body for immune challenges 


We are exposed to viruses and bacteria all year around. What can you do to protect yourself?

This Six (6) week comprehensive Immune Boost Program will prepare your  body for all immune challenges this autumn and winter and beyond. It is a natural program involving use of natural medicine only  and using the latest  technologies like Specialised Specialised Screening Test, Health  Analytical Tool Iridology , zinc test, diet or lifestyle changes if necessary.


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In this 6-week Immune Boost Program you will get:

  1. Specialised test

  2.  computerised printed  images  and report from this test

  3.  Two  hours on  Health Analytical Tool  “before” and “after”, including 3D body scanning for any viruses, bacteria any other pathogens, status of each of your body organ down to the  and much more

  4. zapping any pathogens on the spot

  5.  treating relevant pathologies

  6. several options of  treatments

  7.  Natural treatment protocol prepared and implemented

  8.  Supplements (at extra cost)

  9. You will get a free Bonus valued at over $250.

Hypericum 002

St John’s Wort has a wide range of therapeutic properties, including antiviral

You may wonder why some people go from one cold into another, while other never catch a cold. The common cold can be caused by a variety of viruses that are capable of infecting the upper respiratory system. We are constantly exposed to any of these viruses, yet majority of us only experience the discomfort of a cold once a year if at all. It is very much dependent on the resistance of the immune system. Overuse  of antibiotics can lead to antibiotics resistance.

I see  an increase number of of people with  an antibiotic resistance  and desperately seeking help  in our Clinic. As a naturopath and Australian I am concerned what the future holds? Vaccination might not be a choice for some if you do research of its side effects. So what options do we have? Maintaining a healthy immune system is the primary way to protect you not only against getting a cold or flu but above all it will guarantee a good health. If you catch more than one or two colds per year it may indicate of weak immune system.


Chronic Sinusitis for 20 years resolved

 Male 61, with chronic painful  sinusitis for 20 years, difficulty breezing, waking up every night , un-refreshed sleep and  feeling  groggy during the day. He has multiple allergies, including dust mite. Was on orthodox treatment for 20 years.

This is what the patient said at the initiation consultation:

“I have tried everything, 3 nose operations draining sinus, saw Ear and Throat Specialists many times, and had anti allergy needles. Nothing has worked. I do not believe in natural medicine, but I will give it ago. You have helped my son in the past. You are my LAST resort.” 

This is what the same patient said in just one week time after commencement of our 6 months Wellness Program.

“Your herbal tonic and the tablets is the best thing I took in 10 years, I have not slept so well in 10 years. I felt immediate relief. Now I get more sleep, before I was controlling myself so I would not suffocate in sleep.”


If your answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, your immune system would probably benefit from support of an alternative medicine and this Program.

  • • Do you a catch cold /flu easily?

  • • Do you get more than two colds per year?

  • • Do you get frequent cold sores?

  • • Do you get sinusitis or sore throat?

  • • Are your lymph glands sore and swollen at times?

  • • Do you feel sluggish and fatigued?

  • Do you have antibiotics resistance, ie they do not help  you  any  more

  • Are you thinking of flu 2015 vaccination?


Viral infections can spread via air

Our  6 weeks Immune Boost Program  guarantee to prepare  your body for immune challenges of this winter season or you get your money back.

Our Clinic can assist you in strengthening you immune system or assist you to overcome your cold or flu. There are no side effects of using herbs. An alternative medicine practitioner always adopts a comprehensive approach in the patient’s treatment which might involve lifestyle changes, diet advice  stress management and nutritional supplements. This is complemented by a wide range of herbs just to mention only few such as: antiviral, antibacterial, lymphatic or immuno-stimulating herbs. A practitioner will prepare a formula, which will address YOUR specific health problems and advise you on the dietary requirements during cold and flu.


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