This Wellness Program (Anti-aging) is for those who have pro-active approach to health rather than reactive and want to have a sustained quality of life  and be chronic disease  free. It is a 12 months Program. and  is  recommended that people in their 40th should consider joining this Program before their symptoms became chronic.

Patient will get  a free  booklet “Discover  how to feel and look healthy in 3 easy steps” a  comprehensive Program folder,  plus $250 worth of  bonuses.

The physical factors that influence aging are:

  • lack of physical activities
  • the western diet
  • having sedentary lifestyle
  • being overweight
  • being overworked
  • Stressed, suffering from insomnia
  • Having a heart condition.

Other factors include:

  • Lack of human interaction
  • No connection with community or lack of close relationship
  • Excessive time spent on passive pastime such as television
  • Lack of spiritual belief, no sense of purpose
  • Lack of mental stimulation
  • Pessimistic view on life and loneliness

Wellness Program is 12 months  program and consists of 3 stages

1. Symptomatic care

2. Corrective care

3. Wellness Care

 1. Symptomatic care
This stage  consists on alleviating  immediate health problem such  as as pain , inflammation, anxiety or insomnia . Several in- house tests are done such as live  blood microscopy , zinc test, matrix detox test (body toxicity , iridology or other tests.

2. Corrective care

The objective of this stage  is to identify causes of patients conditions and address them. Dietary recommendations and life style changes may be required.

3. Wellness  Care

This stage is about educating, encouraging  a patient to  make a healthy  life decisions and empowering  a patient.

This stage is the most fascinating part of the Program as patients feel very motivated,  energised as their quality  of life is improving. 

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to  get  your  free  booklet “Discover  how to feel and look healthy in 3 easy steps” a  comprehensive Program folder,  plus $250 worth of  bonuses.