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Download Winter/Spring 2007 (376kb – pdf)New approach to weight management,And fast pain relief with ENAR Therapy!

Download Spring/Summer 2006 (732kb – pdf)Chronic Fatigue is fast becoming a common health condition, find out why. And get your energy back back? – Part 2

Download Autumn/Winter 2006 (600kb – pdf)Parasites – the hidden enemy in your body! LIVE BLOOD MICROSCOPY allows you to see your blood and microorganisms! How to prevent parasites infestation?

Download Spring 2005(288kb – pdf)Exciting news about NEW services provided by our Clinic! – LIVE BLOOD MICROSCOPY is now available.

Download Autumn 2005(668kb – pdf)Focus on the implication of body acidity on general health, the role of calcium as well as the treatment of skin disorders.


> Download Summer 2004 (pdf)In this third edition of our newsletter we would like to focus on the treatment of resistant obesity,unraveling the myths and misconceptions – Syndrome X

> Downlooad Autumn 2004 (pdf)Focus on the issue of anxiety, stress and depression.

> Download Spring 2003 (pdf)Do you want your energy back? Why we should detoxify our body? – Part 1

> Download Winter 2003 (pdf)Welcome to our first issue – Common Cold