Hot Flushes gone for good

29 April 2017

Tracey, Sydney

Detox Program

9 December 2016

Gail, Sydney

29 March 2023

A  happy patients

I have known Danuta for about 5 years.  I saw her professionally as a Naturopathic Practitioner for approximately 3 years or more.  Her wealth of knowledge in a wide range of natural medicine treatments was astounding and loved sharing her information and very generous with her time.  I always found Danuta to be extremely thorough in making a diagnosis and conscientious in her treatment decisions.  She is always very friendly and positive and I do not hesitate to recommend her for Naturopathic or holistic treatments.

“Betty” Southern Highlands

Allergies and Wifi Sensitivity

6 April 2017

“You have made a huge difference to my life. My siblings were stunned when I showed them the number of allergies that were picked up by Danuta in the Clinic. I said,”I told you so”.  People find it hard to believe a human they know can be so different.”

Pat, A Gifted Educational Consultant

Health Analytical Tool  

18 January 2017

“Danuta your machine is amazing. It has been able to identify what doctors and hospitals have not; and so I have gotten better. Thank you for such wonderful help.

Pat 82, Sydney

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  

30 March 2017

“I first saw Danuta in mid 2016 and had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 11 years ago in the UK. Before I came to see Danuta, I was fatigued, had severe nerve pain, muscle pain, dizziness, anxiety, numbness in my hands and feet, a foggy brain, migraines, and many more symptoms.

After seeing many specialists in the UK and Australia and spending a lot of money on tests, it was concluded that this was “just all in my head.” That caused me to go into depression with a sense of total hopelessness. I was bed bound for most of the last 11 years of my life.

Under Danuta’s naturopathic treatment, today in March 2017, I am almost symptom free. My energy levels are back – I can cook, do my shopping, socialise and even celebrate the birthdays of my children!”

Vicky – Gymea

The Health Analytical Tool and a Baby  

1 March 2017

“After 2 years and 6 months of trying to get pregnant, visiting several gynaecologists & fertility clinics in Poland, I still had no solution and no reason for this problem. I had a lot of blood tests, ultrasonography and hysterosalpingography. I had also put on weight a little although my diet didn’t change. I had strong headaches too. I thought we’d tried everything and only IVF could help. After losing a lot of time and money, all of this made me very anxious and stressed.

During my visit in Australia, I saw Danuta Hulajko at her DH Natural Medicine Clinic in Sydney where I had the Health Analytical Tool body scanning and treatment. I wanted to try a new treatment method that was not known about in Poland among my doctors. After one session some bacteria was discovered in my body and a thyroid hypo function was also identified causing my problems. I received some natural medicine supplements  from Danuta and a diet for fertility. When I went back to Poland, I started the treatment with thyroid hormones & the diet, and after 3 months I got pregnant! My headaches have also disappeared. Thanks to visiting the DH Natural Medicine Clinic, things that were difficult for such a long time became simple.

Thank you Danuta, this has positively changed my life!”

Kate 29, Warsaw, Poland

Baby Liza is now a healthy 12 months old.

Chronic Bowel Condition  

15 December 2016

“I was totally impressed with my consultation with Danuta.  Doctors had given me no hope for my chronic bowel condition.  Danuta showed great concern and care.  After treatments from Danuta, I was totally fit and well again.

Fran 49, Sydney

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

7 November 2016

“I have been a patient of Danuta since June 2016.  With chronic fatigue syndrome and diet problems plus a list as long as my arm of health problems. I came across Danuta and have not looked back.

Lorraine 52, Sydney

Psoriasis Healed After 17 years 

Sydney 6 April 2016

“My name is ‘Michael’ and I’m 35 years old, I have periodically suffered from psoriasis since I was 17 years old. The condition would be visible on my legs around the knees, it was uncomfortable from sores that itched the skin was cracked and weeping. The itching would interrupt my sleep and I tried to keep my legs hidden from sight, the condition affected my confidence and I would feel down every time I scratched at it.

I had tried many solutions from medical and skin professionals to ‘miracle’ creams and remedies I had researched on the internet but nothing was a successful cure. My mother had recommended that I visit Danuta from DH-Natural Medicine clinic (something I wished I had done sooner than I did). When I visited Danuta my psoriasis was the worst it had been (Danuta later told me it was the 2nd worst case she had ever seen)

Danuta began with a detox protocol after an examination on Health Analytical Tool.  I was sceptical of this machines ability to diagnose or heal my skin but I was fascinated to see the results. After the session Danuta was able to diagnose my condition as guttate psoriasis. From this Danuta tailored a program of natural supplements and herbs for me to take along with some recommendations on diet.

I took the supplements and followed the diet recommendations as best I could and began to see improvements over the next 4 weeks. With each return visit to Danuta my supplements were altered and my condition continued to improve. After 6 months my psoriasis was healed. Today, 1 year after my initial Health Analytical Tool body scanning , my skin is psoriasis free, my diet, sleep and general quality of life have all improved. After battling for half my life with this condition I am extremely grateful for Danuta attention to detail, care and interest in my condition. Thank you.”

Kind regards and thanks  ‘Michael’

Chronic Diarrhoea Resolved

September 2014

“In March 2013 I began to experience severe gastric symptoms.  I went straight to a doctor where I had many tests and even a colonoscopy. I was told there was nothing more the medical profession could do for me. By this stage I lost 12kg – one kg per week. I knew that something was seriously wrong and that I was not well.

I then went to see Danuta to experience what she hast offer and her treatments  After one session (that was fascinating and painless) a bad bacteria was discovered living in my gut that was causing my problems. Danuta immediately began treatment. Within 4 weeks I could notice a huge difference in my health and was well on the way to leading a normal active life again. I was soon back to my normal weight again and very grateful to Danuta  and her  ability to pinpoint  my condition so accurately. I would recommend seeing her to anyone who is strugling will ill health.”

Lisa, 53 yr old, Engadine

Kidney Stones Disappeared

June 2013

A Male, ‘Robert’, 55 year old, with a severe case of calcium oxalate kidney stones for the last 20 years came to see me. He had been passing a few kidney stones on and off for the last 15 years. He was in severe pain most of the time. Prior to seeing me, his orthodox treatment involved ultrasound blasting, after which he bled heavily.

‘Robert’ said “my condition on the orthodox treatment was deteriorating, I have lost 1o kg in 2 months, and the orthodox medication for kidney prevention did nothing for me. Now I have 2 kidney stones, 2mm each in each kidney.”

I had prescribed ‘Robert’ my Practitioner’s Range of magnesium and a supplement consisting of herbs that support kidney function to improve kidney detoxification and urinary waste, reducing inflammation and nutrients to protect renal tubular epithelial cells from damage. He took it religiously for a year and began to feel better. He was also put on a very specific diet for kidney stones prevention.

July 2014

‘Robert’ said “I had an ultrasound last week, there were no kidney stones anymore, Thank you for saving my kidneys”.

Chronic Hip Pain

25 October 2012

I was a very sporty person when I was young and always strived to be fit and healthy, and to eat healthy. When I was 11 years old I grew very fast, I was the tallest in the school in Primary. I also came from a poor family and my diet was limited. In my early thirties I had a netball knee injury and as I approached my menopausal years it was more and more difficult to compete, and this is when all my health problems began.

I had a right gluteal pain the day after playing tennis on a cold night. Over the years my hip injury in 2011 led to right hip repair and 6 months later a second hip repair as the muscles were pulling and I had a tear on my labrum. I was in constant pain due to spurs and my impaired movement. As my mobility was severe compromised I was experiencing muscle atrophy and bursitis. I was on crutches after both operations.  I could not walk unaided for 8 months after the last operation.  I see a physiotherapist regularly and have had many cortisone injections, pharmaceutical drugs for the pain such as a steroid anti-inflammatory. I was very unhappy and lost hope of any major recovery or ever being pain free.

When I saw Danuta in June 2012  my pain level was 7/10. I could hardly walk a short distance to my car. Danuta has prescribed me natural supplements, including potent fish oil, protein shakes, Vitamin supplements and made some dietary recommendations, and also gave me St John’s Wort oil for topical application.

After just one month of Danuta’s treatment I realised that it is easier for me to walk up the stairs. But my biggest achievement so far is that I have walked from my car to Big W for the first time in 3 years.

I am not on pain killers anymore and have started walking 10 minutes a day and I feel very confident that the treatment is working.

Before coming to Danuta I had lost faith and confidence – this she has given back to me and I thank her very much.”

‘Rhonda’ 50 years old from Bangor

Severe Neuralgic Pain and St John’s Wort Oil 

9 August 2012

Female 50, with severe neuralgic and muscular pain mostly  7/10 since July 2011 after hip repair and second related operation.  On strong phamaceutical pain killers for a year. She felt powerless.  At the first visit the patient was dispensed a potent herbal anti-inflammatory, high qualty fish oil and the ‘Healing  Remedies’ St. John’s Wort  oil for topical application.  In two weeks time her pain has settled.  We continue treatment. “St John’s Wort is great, it takes the pain away. I do not need those herbs any more.” she says.

Wellness Program – Chronic Sinusitis 

7 August 2012

Male 61, with chronic painful sinusitis for 20 years, difficulty breezing, waking up every night, un-refreshed sleep and feeling  groggy during the day. He has multiple allergies, including dust mites. Was on orthodox treatment for 20 years.

This is what the patient said at the initiation consultation:

“I have tried everything, 3 nose operations draining my sinus, I have seen ear and throat specialists many times, and have had anti-allergy shots. Nothing has worked. I do not believe in natural medicine, but I will give it ago. You have helped my son in the past. You are my LAST resort.”

This is what the same patient said in just one weeks time after commencement of our 6 month Wellness Program.

“Your herbal tonic and the tablets are the best thing I have taken in 10 years, I have not slept so well in 10 years. I felt immediate relief. Now I get more sleep, before I was controlling myself so I would not suffocate in my sleep.”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Insomnia

24 March 2012

Maria 53 years old has had chronic fatigue syndrome for 24 years, chronic constipation, skin rashes and itchy skin, reflux, insomnia for 10 years and was struggling with weight loss all her life. She came to one of my Wellness Seminars in February 2012 where I talked about the Biocompatibility Hair Analysis. She was keen to start The 6 months Wellness Program. After only being on one month of the Program this is what Maria had reported:

“I feel better; I stopped all my other supplements to see if this program works. I was very gassy before, burping and bloated. Now I am not bloating anymore. The most improvement was in my bowel movement. I had not realised that I was constipated. I have lost 4kg. I used to wake up every hour at night, so I could not comprehend anything the next morning. The herbal tonic, which Danuta gave me makes me very rested at night.  My heartburn is 80 % gone. I am starting to taste my food again, salads in particular. Coffee was hard to give up, I had headache during the detoxification process for 3 days but then I was fine.”

Maria J

Sinusitis, Fibromyalgia and Depression

10  February 2012

My name is Donna S and I am 45 years old. When I first saw Danuta Hulajko at the DH-Natural Medicine Clinic in June 2011, I was suffering from the following health issues: Sinusitis which I have had on and off for most of my life, I was taking antidepressants due to having Depression for at least 20 years, and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2003.

Danuta explained to me the concept of the Biocompatibility Hair Analysis and the Wellness Program, which I decided to participate in.  Since I have been on the program, my sinuses have cleared up, my depression has become minimal, and my fibromyalgia has significantly improved. The diet has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and was the best decision I made. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone whose health is suffering and genuinely wants to feel well again.

Thank you for your professional assistance Danuta and making me aware of this fantastic Wellness Program.

Yours Sincerely

Donna S., Mahroubra NSW

Childhood Warts

30 January 2012

My 8 year old son had suffered from warts on his forehead since he was 4 years old. We had been back and forth from the doctors to have them burnt off, but only to have them come back and multiply after a few months. He became very self-conscious of the warts and would brush his hair down to cover them each day – sometimes catching them with the brush and making them bleed. They were also spreading due to his school hat rubbing against them on a daily basis.

I made an appointment to see Danuta, hoping their might be a natural solution. Danuta prescribed an oral spray and cream to be used 3 times a day. Much to our surprise, after just a few month’s of using the spray and cream diligently, the warts had disappeared completely … AND they have never returned! Not even a scare remains. My son is so pleased and we tell other parents with children who suffer from warts, to see Danuta for her natural remedy. Thank you Danuta. My son is confident again and happy to gel his hair back now 🙂

Debbie, Menai NSW.

Gastro Esophageal Reflux

15 February 2012

I first visited Danuta as I was experiencing some health problems with reflux.  I had the live blood microscopy test and was suprised with the results which pinpointed a few issues. With Danuta’s dietary advise and with assistance of the health products she suggested I am completely reflux free.

Thank you Danuta.

Charlotte  S.

Anxiety, High Blood Pressure

10 February 2012

I would like to recommend Danuta for any endeavour she might choose to undertake. I have always found her to be professional in every aspect of her, and I commend her on her high integrity and devotion to her work.

Penny A. Sutherland, NSW