Detox Program

Would you like to start fresh at the beginning of this year?

You have worked hard last year and took care of others, perhaps run your own business?

It is time to think about yourself now and recharge your batteries?

How otherwise you are going to face the challenges, achieve your personal and professional goals in the New Year?

We know how you feel by the end of the calendar year. Therefore the DH Natural Medicine Clinic has packaged Detox Program for people like you in mind. This Program is suitable for people who are at work during Festive season or on holidays or even while you at work.

Benefits of the Detoxification Program

Depending on your overall health and status of your liver the Program should be undertake every 3, 6 or 12 months. At the completion of the Program you may expect:

  • Increase in energy
  • Weight loss
  • Reduction of sugar cravings
  • Your digestive discomfort symptoms ill gradually disappear
  • Increase in libido
  • Your mood swing and depression will reduce

The Treatment Protocol in 3 Stages

  1. Clean the gut
  2. Strengthening all four organs of elimination
  3. Detoxification of al the organs of elimination

Your practitioner will assess your overall healthtcondition using Hemaview ™ (Live blood microscopy), zinc tally, Matrix (connective tissue) toxicity test, pH test, iridology and by taking your case history. If you have any external pathology tests, ultrasounds or other tests please bring them along. If you are or were on any medication please let us know.

Your Detoxification Program with consist of

  • Initial 1 1/2 hour consultation
  • One hour follow up consultation all test as mentioned above and 1/2 hour Hemaview™ test in one week’s time
  • A half an hour follow up consultationS every two weeks for the duration of the 7 WEEKS program
  • Hemaview ™ in week 7 , ie. at the end of the program to see the patient’s progress.

What you can expect from this program

Your presenting symptoms, lifestyle and the diet will assessed in details and an appropriate recommendations will be made. You will be dispensed herbal, nutritional &/or homeopathic remedies necessary for addressing your medical condition.

You may be required to make some life style or dietary changes. You will be given very specific dietary recommendations to follow to suite your lifestyle. Juicing may be part of the liver detoxification regime.

The Program is designed to restore your digestive system including the liver and all organs of elimination, improve the function of insulin and lower blood sugar levels and reduce addictive eating habits.

A fresh new start for you and your body.

Are you are ready to start Detox Program today?

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