Do you have dry skin and wonder why? There are many ways to regain hydration of the skin – take a look at these tips

Avoid Excessively Hot Showers

Excessive heat to the skin dehydrates it, and eventually leads to damage. Instead of a hot shower, make the temperature lukewarm and shower once a day. Limit your showers to the minimum, do not “meditate in the shower” for an hour. Think not only of the opening skin pores under the hot water but also of the damaging effect of fluoride and chloride chemicals on your skin . Short shower or bath enables the body to sustain its natural oils as well as allowing you to clean.

Pick Certain Foods

Such as deep sea fish, walnuts, flaxseed and borage oil. Foods and oils that contain Omega 3-6-9 help the heart, bones, and skin/hair. They are agents that allow the body to replenish the oils needed to regain the hydration your skin thirsts for.


I “prescribe” quality water a lot to my patients, regardless of age. It is hard to believe that some people do not drink water or do not compensate for loss of it. Carry a flask or water bottle around with you to remind yourself to drink more water. H2O is the cure to many problems that the body faces as it promotes better kidney, bladder and skin function. It also reduces appetite so attempt to drink more water in order to create a filtration system in the body. See our blog 46 reasons to drink water

Remember as far as body’s water balance is concerned, drinking even herbal tea or juice does not count. Only water counts, preferably alkaline and filtered.

Bad Habits

Avoid (or at least minimise) caffeine, smoking and alcohol. These drinks are diuretics and create an environment within our body that is dry and thirsts for water. Have a look at these images of blood in our blog. How many cups of coffee do you have?


Shaving can attribute to drier skin because while cutting hairs it actually scrapes off oils. Shaving after a shower makes it easier to get the results wanted (reducing damage to the skin). It is also best to shave using shaving cream and nourishing oils. Shaving in direction that hair grows is also less harmful to the skin oils.

Nourishing Oils

Using oils like coconut, olive and jojoba can be a good way to ensure hydration in the skin. They are also useful for healing. Putting a few dabs of oil and spreading this along the skin is a better method than using moisturiser. Make sure you know and understand what ingredients are in your skin products or beauty treatments. It could be those harmful ingredients in some overpriced cosmetics are damaging your skin. “Natural” or “Organic” does not mean that there is no nasties in it.


Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week-, do not overdo it in order to rid of dry dead skin that has built up over time. Also, things that you apply to the skin will have a more significant effect if applied to younger skin. However in excessively dry skin minimise exfoliation as this may irritate skin too much.

Other reasons

See a Naturopath or a Nutritionist if the dry skin persists after these tips. There could be more complex reasons why your skin is dry. It can be due malabsorption, poor diet, food sensitivities , allergies or many other reasons.

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