Theta Healing also known as the Orion Healing Technique is a simple yet very powerful healing tool. It is an energetic healing.This work has been shown by the Source/God to an American Naturopath and an intuitive healer Vianna Stibal.

The practitioner does the healing techniques and readings from the theta meditative state or brain wave and works with God/Source/Universal Intelligence to co-create a healing. A very important step in this type of healing is for the healing practitioner to witness the healing taking place within the client. The techniques that make up this work can be divided into few categories such as body reading (scanning), healings, working with the DNA, body and the core belief work. Theta healing techniques has enhanced my naturopathic practice. This work is also as effective over long distances as it is in-person and all of the techniques can be accomplished either way.

Description of Theta Healing Techniques

1. Readings (Body scanning)

The readings consist of an intuitive look at your physical body as well as your energetic centers. This scanning can tell you if there are any health issues, if you have cords or psychic hooks from others as well as if you have entities attached to you energetically. Sometimes I do Theta body scanning, before I even do Iridology <> , Live Blood Microscopy <>  or take case study from a client in a naturopathic consultation. Theta reading is not only confirming the findings from other modalities with a precision but also reveal forthcoming health issues. They can be exposure to heavy metals, exposure to smoking while in mother’s womb or in childhood or genetic weaknesses. Body scanning also works very well for answering questions you may have and for getting information about core beliefs that need reprogramming so that healing can take place. This is done as part of the healing technique and can be done distantly as well as in-person.

2. Theta Healing

This is the healing technique where the practitioner goes into the Theta brain wave meditative state and co-creates your healing with God/Source/Universal Intelligence. This is as effective distantly as it is in-person, and is the healing technique I am using for distant healing. This specific part of the technique is used when the scanning mentioned above is done as well as when the DNA Activation, rejuvenation of youth and vitality genes and core belief reprogramming are done. All of the healing commands are done from Theta meditative state. If healing is an in-person session it can be done with you sitting in a chair or lying comfortably fully clothed on a massage table.

3.  12 Strand DNA Activation

This technique involves activating the 10 additional non-physical strands of DNA as well as the youth and vitality chromosomes. As we evolve and raise our vibratory rates our DNA is actually already starting to activate. This DNA activating technique will accelerate this process for you. The DNA activation can be done with any of the distant healing or in-person healing sessions as needed. Below is a list of some possible results of the activation:

  • Flu like symptoms as your body detoxifies
  • Wrinkles can fade
  • Eyesight can totally improve
  • Hair can grow faster and thicker
  • Increase in psychic and intuitive abilities
  • Increased healing abilities

4.Healing of a particular condition

Theta Healing is not only about physical healing for instance eliminating pain or inflammation, correcting eyesight, broken bone, treating pneumonia, thyroids, heart, infection within few minutes, but above all removing core programs” running “these illnesses. For instance parasites are attracted to people who might have the following negative programs:

I cannot say” No” to people
I allow people to take advantage of me

Bones for instance are holding a lot of ancestral issues such as resentment, obligations or needs not being met. Resentment subsequently attracts fungus (Candida) into the body. Therefore any Theta healing usually consists of a physical healing, core beliefs reprogramming and gene replacement if it is required.

4. Core Belief Reprogramming:

Did you know what you think you believe is not exactly what your subconscious believes. Therefore unintentionally we might sabotage our life. Many of us are not even aware to what extent that happens. Often we are unaware of a difference in core programs in our conscious and unconscious mind.  We may think that we have no blocks on love, money, happiness etc. Our subconscious is in charge of our memory and feelings. Muscle testing can be used to find out a core believes at subconscious level.

In my clinic we would work together using this technique to find the beliefs specific to you and reprogram them.  We are working to clear unwanted beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will work better for you, on four levels.  This is one of the elements that make this work so effective .After a session many clients report that they feel more positive and more ready create and live their life in a way that is for their highest and best. Belief reprogramming is often necessary when working on a physical or emotional condition before a successful resolution or healing can take place. You give permission for every core belief that is reprogrammed in this manner so nothing can be done without you knowing it. Below are a few examples of some negative core beliefs.

I am not worthy of love
I hate myself
I do not deserve to be happy
Money is evil
Life is hard
Life is lonely
I am a victim
I am poor 

These beliefs can be found on any one or all four levels: 

i) Core: From conception to now, belief level are beliefs instilled on the subconscious mind from childhood.

ii)  Genetic: genetic belief level is recorded in the morphogenetic field and DNA. This is all the gifts and the “baggage” handed down to you for seven generations.

iii)  History: history belief level is deep genetic memories or past lives This level includes oaths, vows, karmic contracts, trauma, lessons learned and so on.  This includes past lives you have actually lived, in a human body, as well as in a spiritual “body”.  It is also on this level where we bring in soul fragments we may have left with others for various reasons. You do not need to believe in past lives or reincarnation for these techniques to be effective.

vi). Soul: This is the level where the real “you” resides.  This is the part of you who continues on after the human body dies.  Beliefs can even be stored on this level.

The reprogramming done from the Theta brain wave pulls resolves and cancels these beliefs and replaces them with ones that will serve you. Many beliefs can be cleared in one session and are specific to you and what you want to work on. Theta Healing is a leading edge healing technology. It is powerful and yet simple, both for the practitioner and the client. It is as powerful over the telephone as it is in person.

Vianna has actually monitored with the proper equipment, how to get into a Theta state quickly and easily. Not only does the practitioner enter into Theta, but the client automatically follows the practitioner as they work together. It’s a wonderful, peaceful state.  Everyone goes into Theta right before falling asleep.  It’s a very slow brain wave once thought to be difficult to reach. Now we can connect in Theta with God and heal others and ourselves.

Distant Theta Healing

You can request one of the following healing sessions. One is a distant healing session using email communication only and a 60 minute phone session. I would recommend to do at least the 60 minute phone session because it is more effective when doing the core belief changes to have immediate feedback by being on the phone together.

If you cannot make the long distance phone call to me then we can do the distant healing using email communication only. In this case we would only be able to exchange a few core beliefs that are specific to your healing request. If you feel you might have more issues and core beliefs to change then please consider one of the phone session appointments.

Theta Healing can help you with:

Anger Management
Commitment Phobia
Creativity blocks
Drug Abuse
Emotional Issues
Health Issues
Life purpose
Negative thoughts Obsession
Panic Attacks
Personal Development
Sexual Issues
Spiritual growth
Stage Fright
Weight Loss
and much more.

Preparing for your Theta Healing™ session

Before your session please ensure you are fully hydrated by drinking lots of water to make muscle-testing fully effective. We also recommend setting an intention for what you would wish to resolve in the session. We then find that the healing is far more productive and effective.

Contact Danuta for more information or to request a Theta Healing session. Client testimonials are available.