We like to enjoy our food. However for some people, even festivity season is time of a plain diet which allows them to have another pain free day. These people may have some sensitivities, or allergies to certain foods, or products they use. Eliminating those foods or products which they think causes the problem may relieve their symptoms temporarily, Over the years however a person’s sensitivity increases causing total immune deregulation to the point when even a low reactive diet or drinking water may cause constant discomfort.
There are many diets which are very good for some people, but do nothing for others. This is because they do not factor ‘Bio-Compatibility’ into the equation. In our Clinic we use a revolutionary Biocompatibility test and a six month Wellness Program where we help people with what seems to be a hopeless case. The Bio-Compatibility test assists in unraveling possible immune system issues in the body. These immune system problems can lead to inflammation in different parts of the body, which present as ‘diseases’ or ‘symptoms’. People often refer to these disease states as ‘allergies’.
An ‘allergy’ is really an inflammatory response to a particular stimulus. The inflammation occurs as a result of the immune system attempting to defend the body against the stimulus. Exposure to bio-incompatible substances (either through food or household products) activates the immune system, causing it to increase the amount of inflammation in the blood. This leads to ‘allergic’ reactions and intolerances as these ‘allergy’-induced mediators are able to inflame tissue in any part of the body. In the joints they can cause/aggravate arthritic pains. In the respiratory tract they can cause/aggravate sinus, asthma, and excess mucous. In the nervous system they can cause/aggravate headache, migraine, depression, tiredness, and contribute to/aggravate A.D.H.D. In the skin they can cause/aggravate rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and hives, for example.
Bio-Compatibility testing is all about finding the foods and products that are energetically compatible with a patient’s unique body. The purpose of our Program is to feed the patient’s body with the correct food it needs to repair and maintain good health and to eliminate those bio-incompatible foods/products that lead to immune system problems, which, in turn, result in the symptoms that patients refer to as an ‘allergy’.

People may have many symptoms of food incompatibity such as bloating, mucus, headache, arthritis, asthma, behavioural problems, sinus or hay fever, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome or insomnia, just to name a few. All these conditions are due to inflammation. By using the Bio-Compatibility test and the Wellness Program, I have seen amazing improvements even after four weeks. “Sandra” 46, was suffering from many chronic debilitating conditions such as arthritis, depression (for 20 years) and fibromyalgia. Within the first four weeks of the Programme her arthritis and depression had improved by 60% and her fibromyalgia by an incredible 80%! Great results including weight loss have also been achieved with our other complying patients.

The Wellness Program is very simple for the patient and easy to follow, and results will never stop to amaze the patient. The programme involves a six-month commitment from the patient with six follow-up visits. When the patient feeds the body with correct food they free up the immune system to deal with any other issues more effectively. This means each symptom is dealt with in a way that works best for your body. Feeding your body correctly greatly enhances your immune system and allows your body to repair.