You may wonder why some people go from one cold into another, while other never catch a cold. The common cold can be caused by a variety of viruses that are capable of infecting the upper respiratory system. We are constantly exposed to any of these viruses, yet the majority of us only experience the discomfort once a year if at all. It very much depends on the resistance of the immune system. Fortunately, there is so much can be done about it naturally.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is the primary way to protect you not only against getting a cold or flu but above all it will guarantee good health.

How do I know if my immune system is strong?


A homeopathic remedy is one of the options to combat cold and flu


I have seen many patients with a strong or weak immune system and  I have indentified the triggers. This gives me as a practitioner an opportunity to strengthen patient’s immune system, before he/she catches an infection.

Many people are malnourished as supermarket’s food is high in sugar, salt and calories but low in nutrients. Deficiency of zinc, iron, selenium, vitamin B 12 and folic acid I often see in the Clinic are often responsible for weak immune system. A strong immune system can destroy pathogens on first encounter.

By blending a herbal tonic tailored to the patient’s needs a  naturopath can be very specific in addressing a specific type of virus and/or bacteria and the condition.

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, you immune system would probably benefit from support of an alternative medicine.


Yarrow is warming, diaphoretic herb often used to reduce flu shivering

Do you catch cold/flu easily?

Do you get more than two colds per year?
Do you get cold sores?
Do you get sinusitis or tonsillitis?
Are your lymph glands sore and swollen at times?
Do you feel sluggish and fatigued?

How to avoid being sick?

Hypericum 002

St John’s wort is an excellent antiviral and antibacterial herb.

When using herbal and nutritional supplements make sure you always seek a professional advice from a qualified practitioner. A “practitioner range” supplements have the purity and the potency to make a difference in your health. Some over the counter supplements may contain herbs which are contraindicated in acute conditions like cold and flu. Herbs such as Panax ginseng, Siberian Ginseng or Astragalus will only aggravate your acute conditions. However the above mentioned herbs are excellent to stimulate your immune and nervous system prior to an infection so you will not catch a cold. A holistic practitioner always adopts a comprehensive approach in the patient’s treatment which might involve lifestyle changes, dietary advice or nutritional and herbal supplements.

Is diet important in relieving symptoms of cold or flu?


Fruits are rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

A lot of people are unaware that food can be used as a medicine as well as is a culprit. For instance it is very important to avoid dairy products during and acute infections as dairy products increase production of mucus. Sugar for instance, including all hidden sugar, suppresses your immune system. Along with herbal, homeopathic and nutritional supplements, I also recommend increasing during a cold weather intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and in particular raw garlic, onion, pineapple, ginger, horseradish, lemon grass which are natural sources of Vitamin C and phytonutrients.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you and your family will have a healthy Autumn and Winter this year.

by Danuta Hulajko
Master Nat. Sc., Dip Bot.Med., Dip.Nut

 About the Author

Danuta Photoshoot08 045Danuta Hulajko is a holistic practitioner, international speaker,  founder of the DH Natural Medicine Clinic, Southern Highlands and ,  She specialises in anti-aging, autoimmunity , digestive disorders and heavy metals chelation. For more information please go to our website. You can follow Danuta Hulajko work, events, seminars, expos, latest health research, her health tips and advice on Facebook  and LinkedIn

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