This testimonial demonstrates what remarkable results can be achieved by natural medicine and herbal medicine  in conjunction with  patient’s commitment and determination.



“I was a very sporty person when young and always strived to be fit and healthy and to eat healthy. When I was 11 years old I grew very fast (was the tallest in the school in Primary) I came from a poor family and my diet was limited. In my early thirties I had a netball knee injury and as I approached my menopausal years it was more difficult to compete and this is when all my health problems began.  I had a right gluteal pain the day after playing tennis on a cold night. Over the years my hip injury led in 2011 to right hip repair and 6 month later second hip repair the muscles were pulling and I had a tear in labrum. I was in constant pain, due to spurs, and due to my impaired movement. As my mobility was severe compromised I am experiencing muscles atrophy and bursitis. I was on crutches after both operations the last operation I could not walk unaided for 8 mths. I see a physiotherapist regularly and I had many cortisone injections, pharmaceutical drugs for the pain and steroid anti-inflammatory. I was very unhappy and lost hope of any major recovery or being ever pain free.

When I saw Danuta in June 2012 my pain level was 7/10. I could hardly walk a short distance to my car. Danuta has prescribed me natural supplements, including   potent fish oil, Protein shakes, alkalised my body, vitamin supplements and made some dietary recommendations, gave St John’s ort oil for topical application.

Just one months of Danuta’s treatment I realised that it is easier for me to walk up the stairs. But my biggest achievement so far; I have walked from my car to Big W and for the first time in 3 years! I am not on; pain killers anymore! I started walking 10 minutes a day I feel very confident that the treatment is working.

Before coming to Danuta I had lost faith and confidence – this she has given back to me and I thank her very much.”

23/2/ 2013

“I am pain free, very happy and very positive!  I can see having healthy active life. I was blocked before. I can see myself doing things. I have more flexibility in my joints. My own nature has changed as I was lost in pain and inactivity. I am doing so well that I started bush dancing! I start my life again.”

Wendy, 54 years old, Bangor