The Metatron body scanning and treatment shows improvement in the lung function

“ Linda “, 50 years old  has pneumonia  and was hospitalized  and given  intravenously  antibiotic and on return  home  she was given two antibiotics at the same time.  Currently she has finished all antibiotics and unfortunately  she still has a fever,  low energy and a dry very painful cough. She always had  low energy even before  getting pneumonia. It is evident that she became antibiotic resistant.







Bronchial funtion improved after the Metatron treatment

The NLS body scanning has confirmed that she still has pneumonia, with some fluid build up in the right lung in right  bottom portion and less in the left lung. Haemolyticus influenza  bacteria  has caused her pneumonia, which was detected and zapped by the Metatron. Also presence  of adenovirus in sinuses, Streptococcus  haemolyticus  in the throat  and other strains of  viruses  in spleen and  intestines were detected. Homeopathic remedy for the lungs was made on the Metatron and herbal tonic  dispensed as well.





Halas thyroids

Thyroid function being assessed by the Metatron

Her thyroid are under active  which is one the major causes of her fatigue. A  homeopathic remedy for that was dispensed as well. Linda is on her way to recovery.






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