From June 26th – through to July 20th, Mercury will be in retrograde, and may affect all forms of communication, purchases, schedules, travel plans, appointments, computers etc.
My colleague  and  Kinesiologist  Synara Chander has  put  together  this information as below what I think will assist you during this time (from her monthly subscription to Elizabeth Jones AstroCurrent emails).

• Make important arrangements, meetings, travel plans, etc. at least 1 week prior to 6/26. If you do need to make such plans during the Mercury retrograde period, then recheck and/or reconfirm them once it has gone direct on the 20th of July.

If possible, try to make major purchases either before or after the time that Mercury is retrograde. And it is advised to refrain from making major purchases of any major importance if possible during the time that Mercury is retrograde as they often prove unsatisfactory in some way and/or don’t perform as expected and ultimately just need to be returned.

• Back up computers and other electronic devices before hand.

• Check and re-check meetings, agendas and plans before 6/25, especially those that will#2: Mercury S is retrograde from 6/26 until 7/20.

On June 26, Mercury goes retrograde for the 2nd of 3 times* this year and when it does, it has quite the impact on several areas of our lives. Many have come to recognize its signature effects of increased chaos and plans gone awry, to name a few!

Mercury is the planet that has rulership over all forms of communication–verbal and written, personal and professional, including agreements and contracts. It also rules computers and electronic devices, the mental—and hence your thoughts and decision making process—and so directly impacts your ability to think clearly and logically.

And when it goes retrograde, these areas of your life can get disrupted and go tilt. Here are some examples: communications can go awry, misunderstandings can be more frequent, making decisions with any certainty may be tricky at best and electronic devices seem to go haywire more often than usual.

Having an understanding of what to expect when Mercury goes retrograde helps enormously in preparing for it. And there are certainly things you can do beforehand, and during, a retrograde period that will help you in dealing with it.

Here are some things to do beforehand:

take place in the retrograde period (6/26-7/20).

Every astrological event has a purpose and is—by design—able to help us in some way. We justneed to understand and attune to the energies present with awareness of what it’s all about.

During each time Mercury is retrograde we are:

• Given unique opportunities to view and work with our thoughts and the mental in new ways.

• Able to gain new perspectives by looking at issues differently.

• Encouraged to slow things down and reflect rather than jump in.

Understanding these dynamics will give you the heads up during this time and is your best bet for making the most of this interesting, but sometimes challenging, astrological influence.

*The last one is from 10/21 to 11/11—more on their influence in the month when they each occur.

Here are some ideas as to what you can do while Mercury is retrograde:

1. Rethink your plans

2. Reconsider your options

3. Reconnect with someone from your past (especially true this particular retrograde while Mercury is in Cancer).

4. Revisit past ideas (ditto)

5. Recommit to your New Year’s resolutions

6. Revamp your life mission statement

7. Rewrite your resume or bio

8. Rework your budget

9. Reinvent yourself in some way