Holistic medicine is a system of health care which fosters a cooperative relationship among all those involved, leading towards optimal attainment of the physical, mental emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health.

It emphasizes the need to look at the whole person, including analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle values. It encompasses all stated modalities of diagnosis and treatment including drugs and surgery if no safe alternative exists. Holistic medicine focuses on education and responsibility for personal efforts to achieve balance and well being.

Other Terms Associated with Holistic Medicine
• Alternative Medicine
• Complementary Medicine
• Natural Healing

ENAR – Electro-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator

Our new service, the ENAR is a noninvasive, non-toxic computer modulated, therapeutic electro-stimulation, onto and though the skin.  Far more powerful then the TENS machine. By stimulating the nervous system, ENAR is generating a cascade of natural healing hormones. The Bio-Energetic view suggest that ENAR clears and regulates neuro-energy–pathways and so restores the flow of energy and information, and this facilitates both the pain relief and healing.  ENAR seeks to be able to help the body to heal itself.

There are no unwanted side effects. It is safe and long lasting healing treatment that improves general health and improves many chronic conditions.  As with all natural treatments, ENAR therapy stimulates rather than suppress the body’s own healing power.

Listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a therapeutic medical device for application in pain relief and functional improvement, it is ideal for rehabilitation.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine, sometimes referred to as Herbalism or Botanical Medicine, is the use of herbs for their therapeutic or medicinal value. An herb is a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, aromatic or savory qualities. Herb plants produce and contain a variety of chemical substances that act upon the body.

Herbal Medicine can be broadly classified into various basic systems: Traditional Chinese Herbalism, which is part of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Ayurvedic Herbalism, which is derived from Ayurveda, and Western Herbalism, which originally came from Greece and Rome to Europe and then spread to North and South America.

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Nutritional Support

Nutrition is the food you eat and how the body uses it. We eat food to live, to grow, to keep healthy and well, and to get energy for work and play. Food is made up of different nutrients needed for growth and health.

  • All nutrients needed by the body are available through food.
  • Many kinds and combinations of food can lead to a well-balanced diet.
  • No food, by itself, has all the nutrients needed for full growth and health.
  • Each nutrient has specific uses in the body.
  • Most nutrients do their best work in the body when teamed with other nutrients.
  • All persons, throughout life, have need for the same nutrients, but in varying amounts.
  • The amounts of nutrients needed are influenced by age, sex, size, activity, and the state of health.

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Iridology is the study of the colored part of the eye (called the iris) to determine potential health problems. Iridologists believe that changing patterns and markings in the iris can be used to reveal emerging conditions in every part of the body and to identify inherited weaknesses that may lead to physical and emotional disorders. Iridology cannot detect a specific disease. Rather, it is a preventive practice that helps people to understand their basic health issues so that they can seek treatment, if necessary, from the appropriate specialist. According to iridologists, if a health problem is detected at an early stage, something can then be done to prevent it from becoming a full-blown disease.

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Live Blood Microscopy

Is a unique technique used to formulate an appropriate course of natural health-building and lifestyle principles to optimize health, prevent disease, and to monitor individual effectiveness. Live Blood Microscopy (LBM) is a term used for the viewing of blood under a microscope whilst being alive.  It is a procedure in which a drop of blood from a finger prick, ear or heel of your foot is viewed under a microscope .This makes LBM practically painless and therefore much easier to use with children and people who have an aversion to needles.

We view one drop of blood under a microscope while the blood is still ‘alive’. On the monitor we can view the
size, shape and health of all the cells in our blood, as well as microscopic parasites and Candida. We examine
the inter-relationship of body systems contributing to the condition of blood and the health of the patient becomes
evident. Please ask for our leaflet Take a Better View of your Health with HEMAVIEW™.

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Reiki is the Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is a method of natural healing that uses that energy channeled through a reiki practitioner’s hands to restore health and well-being. Reiki does not directly intervene in the body, but rather solely stimulate it to restore its natural functions. Reiki solely stimulate the body’s own life support and it does not directly affect the metabolism or the psyche. For this reason, particularly in chronic cases or extensive illness a patient has to be provided with a nutritional and herbal support to stimulate and promote the direction of cure.

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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a leading edge, spiritually-based energy healing technology. It is powerful and yet simple, both for the practitioner and the client. Because Theta Healing is all about working in other dimensions and with energy, it is as powerful over the telephone and through Email as it is in person. Some people think Theta Healing is associated with Scientology, it is not. Theta Healing is not associated with any certain spirituality or religion. Theta Healing is all about connecting with Source / God / Creator and CO-creating wellness.

Polish services: THETA LECZENIE po polsku

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