By November 23, 2012 Anti-Aging

i  am a “baby boomer”  and I know  what they  feel. We refuse to get older, we want to look young, sexy be full of energy, and do things in life which we always did AND MORE!

Early morning join stiffness, tennis elbow, sore back, and reflux are just few signs of aging and may prevent you from doing your work , going out, or playing your favourite sport. So I have developed a 3 stage Program HOW TO FEEL AND LOOK GOOD AGAIN IN 3 EASY STEPS for you – so you can go back in time.

Yes, its possible to slow down aging, and I do not mean body enhancement, plastic surgery or hormonal treatments. There is a natural way to age healthy and have an amazing and fulfilling life.

You may be happy with the modern lifestyle, and choose to continue to live the way you do, and face its consequences in the years to come.

Have you noticed as years go by that your symptoms are getting worse? Your professional and personal life is more affected and you do less than what you used to? You may spend more money on medication, or you forgot what it feels like to be pain free. You do not have to put up with it!

  • Donna 45 years old saw me in June 2011, She was suffering from multiple health issues which included Sinusitis she had on and off for most of her life. She was taking antidepressants due to having Depression for at least 20 years, a, she was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (which adrenal fatigue)in 2003, was low on energy, stressed and anxious.
  • Just since being on Stage one ( six months of my Wellness Program, she wrote to me

“My sinuses have cleared up, my depression has become minimal, and my fibromyalgia has significantly improved. The diet has had a positive impact on my overall wellbeing and was the best decision I made. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone whose health is suffering and genuinely wants to feel well again.”

When was the last time you felt your age? Can you imagine what it feels like to be pain or symptom free? Are you happy with the rate you are aging right now? Hundreds of my patients were where you are now and believe me they do not want go back there Never again. I gave them a new lease on life.

You may chose to do Nothing, or take medication which only masks the symptoms and leave with side effects, and spend money on your problem or rather than something you would rather enjoy . Or you may choose to take one step towards the road of natural Wellness, which will ensure an active and exciting life.

I promise you; regardless where you are with your health right now, I will nurture you into Wellness.

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