You may not be aware that these common plants, some people may call them weeds, you are surrounded by right now have amazing medicinal properties. So the next time instead of cutting a dandelion plant with your lawnmower  please put a young dandelion leaf or violet flower into your garden salad. Lavender flowers may be added to muffins, cakes or savory dishes like tarts.  Dried  Calendula petals can be added to your herbal tea. Watch the space for more ideas and recipes.


Calendula flower

Calendula flowers may be used topically and internally due to its vulnerary, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, haemostatic and antiviral properties. It is rich in potassium. The plant has been used for centuries for acne, enlarged lymph, mouth ulcers, wounds, nappy rash, eczema or varicose ulcers.






Dandelion plant has digestive and diuretic properties

Dandelion plant, depending on which parts are used have different medicinal properties. Leaf has diuretic and mild laxative properties. Dandelion root is more bitter thus increases bile flow and bile production. One of my favourite herbs when there is liver insufficiency, poor digestion or constipation. You may add few  fresh young dandelion leafs to your garden salad or green juice.









Lavender flowers may be added to muffins, cakes or savory dishes like tarts.

Lavender herbal tea or tincture if prescribed by a naturopath internally stimulates digestion and relaxes. Traditionally used for anxiety and depression. Dried or fresh  lavender   can be used as  pot puri or  infused  as a relaxing tea.




Violet flowers


Violet herbal tea or tincture of violet is great expectorant, soothing, increase sweating and traditionally used for its anti-tumor properties. Flowers and young leaves can be added to garnish garden salad.




by Danuta Hulajko

About the Author

258Danuta Hulajko is  a holistic practitioner, international speaker,  founder of the DH Natural Medicine Clinic and , Sydney. She specialises in anti-aging, autoimmunity, digestive disordesrs and heavy metals chelation. For more information please go to our website. You can follow Danuta Hulajko work, events, seminars, expos, latest health research, her health tips and advice on Facebook  and LinkedIn


  • As an online flower market staff, I always inform our ever supporting customers that plants and flowers have medicinal benefits. This article gave me additional knowledge of medicinal plants. I am grateful I’ve learn this new thing.

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