The human system has to maintain an ideal balance between acidity and alkalinity in the body fluids and organs in order to function optimally. Very small changes in the acidity of the blood or the cells could be responsible for the development or aggravation of numerous chronic conditions. Effective assimilation of vitamins, minerals and food are dependent on balanced pH. The alkaline body absorbs up to 20 times more oxygen that acidic body. Yet, our western diet and lifestyle along makes our body acidic and sick.

Do you have:

allergies, high blood pressure, compromises immune system, diabetes, migraines, tinnitus, joint stiffness,  severe pain, osteoporosis, dental cavities, poor concentration , cancer or insomnia?

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Drinking quality alkaline water will reduce your body’s acidity.

If you are acidic, i.e. the stored acid wastes are accumulated in the cells and potentially in all the tissues of the body. Chronic acidity of the body can literally dissolve bones to combat acidosis. Calcium then accumulates in the blood and artery walls. High body acidity also impairs detoxification and increases a perception of pain and contributes towards various cancer.

The body should be slightly alkaline in order to build alkaline reserves for acid-forming conditions such as stress, lack of exercise or poor dietary habits. In my clinic, I see patients with numerous medical conditions due to the body acidity. Once acidity is corrected the patient’s body is detoxifying, pain is gone and health is improving.

Western diet with processed food, tap fluoridated water, consumption of alcohol, coffee, sleep deprivation  and stress increase your body’s  acidity.

Our Clinic tests body acidity and assists in selecting a diet and appropriate nutritional supplements to suit patient’s need. Changes in patient’s diet or lifestyle always result in improvement or addressing the underlying causes of an illness as this  testimonial proves.

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Danuta in dispensary1Danuta Hulajko is a holistic practitioner, international speaker, the founder  and the practitioner at the DH Natural Medicine Clinic and , Sydney. She specialises in anti-aging, autoimmunity, thyroid conditions, digestive disorders and heavy metals chelation. For more information please go to our website. You can follow Danuta Hulajko work, events, seminars, expos, latest health research, her health tips and advice on Facebook  and LinkedIn

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