If you have never been to a naturopath you will be nicely surprised that an initial visit may take up 1.5hours. A holistic approach to alternative medicine is well adopted which means that a naturopath treats the whole person not a disease. Thus, a practitioner uses the whole plant in their treatment and not an isolated constituent.

During your first naturopathic consultation a detailed client case history shall be taken including an assessment of diet, lifestyle and emotional and other factors influencing patient’s condition such as the family history. Subsequently, a diagnosis is made and treatment protocol formulated depending whether a patient presenting acute or chronic condition.

A practitioner is treating not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes. This is a very important philosophy, which makes a holistic practitioner different from a medical professional. This means, that a naturopath is assisting the patient to remove other influencing factors in order to restore health and vitality.

During your naturopathic consultation a homeopathic remedy may be dispensed according to the practitioner’s assessment

According to the practitioner’s assessment, a herbal formula may be dispensed. It will usually consist of 4-6 herbs given in a liquid form, known as a tonic, as liquid is easily absorbed. A patient takes this tonic at 5ml x  3 times a day or 8ml x 2 times a day. If the patient has difficulties taking liquid extracts, tablets, homeopathy or capsules can be prescribed. Every patient is prescribed an  individual formula which is adjusted at a follow-up consultation. If necessary, nutritional supplements are recommended.

At a follow-up consultation, the treatment protocol is revised as is the herbal tonic, as the treatment is always dynamic. The good news is that the patient also takes responsibility for his health and supplements unlike medicinal drugs are only prescribed for a limited amount of time until the patient recovers.

Children and Natural Medicine

Herbal tinctures can be prescribed for children over age of two and the dosage is calculated by the weight of a child. Children and infants also respond very well to homeopathic remedies and flower essences which are very easy to administer.

If a mother is breastfeeding she may take the supplement, which is then passed onto the baby through breast milk or she may put some herbal tonic into the breastmilk.

In collaboration with parents, we have developed many creative ways to administer any supplement to children, including ADHD and autistic children. Some remedies can be administered topically like flower essences or in the form of  a therapeutic infused oils.

Herbal tinctures have the highest vital force and are very effective

The medicine comes as food.

Naturopathic Testing

When necessary some tests are undertaken in the clinic or the patient is referred to specialised analytical laboratories. There are many tests available in naturopathic clinics like Zinc status, pH of saliva or urine. Zinc status determines a deficiency of zinc in the body as zinc is responsible for assisting more processes in the body than any other mineral.

Within our clinic the Specialised Test or the Health Analytical Tool reveals valuable information about the body function, from digestive to immune system health.  Other useful tests may be the Mineral Hair mineral analysis.

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Danuta Hulajko is a holistic practitioner, international speaker and the founder & practitioner at the DH Natural Medicine Clinic and www.healingremedies.com.au in the  Southern Highlands 

Danuta specialises in Allergies, Anti-Aging, Auto-Immune Conditions, Cardiovascular Conditions, Female Reproductive, Menopause, Mould Toxicity, Skin Conditions, Stress and Insomnia and Thyroid Dysfunction.

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