Any fruit or vegetable smoothie has an advantage over a  freshly squeezed fresh juice in that also you have the benefits of soluble and insoluble fiber. An ongoing improvements in the technology of a high speed kitchen appliances like Ninja, Kenwood or Magic Bullet blenders, makes it now  possible now to create a pulverized delicious smoothies. Smoothies are also more filling and may be used as a meal replacement as a part of a Weight Loss Program or a Detox Program.

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Soluble fiber is mucilaginous consistency,  since a capacity to hold a lot of water, therefore forming gel. This can help to lower bad (LDL) cholesterol, relief constipation, prevention of chronic degenerative diseases like cancer. Soluble fiber is found in fruit and vegetables, some cereals (oats, barely) psyllium, linseed, chia seeds, slippery elm and legumes.

Insoluble fiber is more resistant to digestion. This fiber is fermented by friendly bacteria to produce special fatty acid for healthy gut wall. Insoluble fiber is found mainly in wholegrain foods (e.g. wheat bran and rice bran), the skins of vegetables and fruits, nuts and dried beans. It helps relief and prevent constipation by producing bulky stools and speeding transit time. Therefore insoluble fiber  plays also a significant role in maintaining good heath and prevention of degenerative diseases including cancer.

Weight loss and liver detox smoothie

This smoothie will also assist in the liver detoxification and reduce the occurrence of cellulite.

weight loss smothie1 (2)1 grapefruit, pink if available

A few dandelion leaves

1 whole Granny Smith apple

2 spring of parsley

Medium carrot

Small cucumber

Pinch of turmeric

Kelp powder

1 cup of water





wigh loss smothie2

Weight loss smoothie

Wash, trim and chop all fruits and vegetables and leaves add water and the rest of ingredients. Turn your blender on a maximum speed for few minutes and your smoothie is ready. You may add some honey to taste or dilute more with water. This recipe is adopted from “Raw juices can save you life”  by Dr Sandra Cabot. The DH natural Medicine Clinic  Clinic has a 6 weeks Weigh Loss Program   and   18 Detox Program which incorporates  delicious jucing or smoothies.









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