Chai Tea made from scratch

 Chai tea contains ingredients to nourish every organ in your body such as brain, intestines, stomach, liver, adrenals, lungs and the pancreas.  Nothing  compares to a homemade chai tea. My favourite recipe is below. All ingredients are easily accessible from a local supermarket or an Indian or Asian store. Organic ingredients are the best.


Licorice root ground –  20g, Cardamon pods –  20g, Cinnamon stick-  20g, Aniseeds (optional) – 10g, Black pepper – 10g, Cloves -10g. Fresh chopped ginger to taste.

Homemade Indian Masala Chai Tea made of black tea, a variety of spices and mixed with milk, honey and ingredients on the side, photographed overhead on dark wood with natural light (Selective Focus, Focus on the top of the tea)

Homemade Indian Masala Chai Tea

Ground all ingredients except fresh ginger. Mix and store in an airtight container ready to infuse a hot  pot of tea.  Bring 1-2 teaspoons to the  boil and simmer for 10 minutes.  Strain and serve with hot milk and drink straight away.






Medicinal  properties of the ingredients

Licorice root – adrenal tonic, anti-inflammatory, constipation, heartburn (gastro- oesophageal reflux)

Cardamom pods –digestive stimulant, relives bloating, reduces allergies, stops vomiting, promote expectoration if congestion in lungs, improves memory, restores brain function, nervous exhaustion

Cinnamon stick – warming circulatory, pancreas restorative

Aniseeds – digestive stimulant

Black pepper – warming digestive system, promotes urination, reduces oedema, relieves sinusitis,

Cloves – antiseptic, antimicrobial, intestinal worms, flatulence

Ginger – antiparasitic, warming, in prevention of cold and flu

Enjoy it!

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