This natural drink will relieve your sore throat

Amber is a fossilized coniferous tree resin that can be 30 to 90 million years old. Amber forms when sap, which is also called resin, leaks from inside pine trees and becomes fossilized over time by pressure and heat. Amber is soft, and it is ranked between two and three on the Mohs scale of hardness. Its color can range from pale yellow to deep brown, but most amber is the color of honey. The oldest and best quality amber is found along the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Natural antibiotic

 Amber tincture It is considered as excellent antibiotic.   Is it the succinic acid that gives antimicrobial , antioxidant and many other health properties. Take 3 drops of amber tincture in glass of warm water or herbal teas to respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, pneumonia sore throat or cold and sinusistis.  I have noticed  by time patients  finish  rubbing the amber tincute onto ther sinal cavities the sinus pain is gone.  It is excellent for glandular swellings. Massage undiluted 3 drops of tincture on the back and chest.


Sore throat drink

Juice of one lemon

Organic honey to taste

A few drops of amber tincture

Hot pure water ( no fluoride)

Mix all and drink warm.

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