To check status of your liver please answers each question. The questions are of a highly personal nature and are confidential.  Based on this questionnaire you will be able and assess the health of your liver and our Clinic which phases and pathways of liver detoxification are impaired. Some people may  already have fatty  liver.

□ Are you fatigued in the morning?

□ Do you fall asleep during the day?

□ Do you have low testosterone thus low libido

□ Increased weigh gain

□ Increased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides

□ Abdominal bloating and congestion

□ Discomfort or pain over the liver area

□ Accumulation of abdominal fat and roll of fat around the upper abdomen

□ Indigestion and intolerance of fatty foods

□ Reflux and heartburn

□ Hemorrhoids

□ Fatty yellowish lumps in the skin and often around the eyes ( xanthelasma)

□ Overheating of the body

□ Excessive sweating

□ Body odour

□ Bad bread and coated tongue

□ Itchy skin

□ Skin rashes (dermatitis, psoriasis, brown liver spots)

□ Acne rosacea

□ Redness of palms of the hands

□ Hot and /or burning soles of feet

□ Headache associated with nausea

□ Gall bladder problems or no gallbladder

□ Inability to lose weight even whilst dieting

□ Depression and mood swings

□ Sleep disorders   such as snoring and sleep apnea

□ Do you take any, long term medications

□ Do you have a family history of liver disease

□ Do you drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks a day

□ Are you sensitive to fragrances, fumes, odors

□ Are you diabetic

□ Exposure to chemicals, pesticides or herbicides

□ Did you used recreational drugs

□ Adverse reaction to wine or dried fruits

□ Strong reaction to caffeine

□ Strong reaction to preservatives

□ Urine with unusual odor after consumption of asparagus

□ Feeling ill after consumption of small amount of alcohol

□ Family history of cancer

□ Feeling ill alter consumption of citrus fruits

□ Feeling ill after consumption of garlic or onion

□ Use of hormone modulating medications.