There is no Christmas baking or cooking an Asian dish without ginger. But do you really know how beneficial ginger is to your health?

Ginger originates from Asia and has been used as medicine in the West for at least 2000 years.   Ginger is native to Asia and now it is widely cultivated through the tropics.  It was one of the first oriental spices to reach Europe into the ancient spice trade. In China the fresh rhizome is used to treat vomiting, coughs with phlegm, abdominal distention, parasites, migraines and fever.  Ginger was introduced into the American by Spaniards. Ginger is  aslo cultivated successfully in the Northern Queensland (Australia).

Ginger is rich in volatile oils, phenols and oleoresins. It contains Vitamin  A, B complex and C and minerals such as: calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.  The flavour of ginger is pungent and its nature affects the lungs,  spleen, and stomach.

Ginger as a medicine and culinary herb always got a lot of attention. You may add dried or fresh ginger to your tea or a stir-fry, make ginger ale, or buy a crystalised ginger or “naked” ginger.

Manufacturing of crystalised and “naked” ginger at the Buderim Ginger Factory, Queensland

As a naturopath, I use ginger tincture for its carminative, antiemetic, spasmolytic, circulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.

Major Indications of Ginger are:

  • Indigestion, flatulence, colic.
  • Lack of appetite, relief of bronchitis.
  • Relief of nausea and vomiting.
  • Relief of period pains and absence of period or scanty period.
  • Conditions requiring improved peripheral circulation.
  • To support feverish conditions.
  • Add to formulations to prevent griping.
  • Add to formulations as a flavouring agent.
  • Add to formulations to promote the activity of the other herbs.
  • cold and flu
  • tonsilitis
  • bacterial and viral infections
  • topical and internally  for falls and  sprains

Tea with honey, lemon, and ginger is an excellent immune stimulant

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Danuta Hulajko is a holistic practitioner, international speaker and the founder & practitioner at the DH Natural Medicine Clinic and in the Southern Highlands.

Danuta specialises in Allergies, Anti-Aging, Auto-Immune Conditions, Cardiovascular Conditions, Female Reproductive, Menopause, Mould Toxicity, Skin Conditions, Stress and Insomnia and Thyroid Dysfunction.

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