Talking on your mobile phone only 16 minutes a day may trigger cancer

Did you know that the international Agency for Research on Cancer has classified radio frequency electromagnetic fields such as those generated by mobile phones – as cancer causing? It is not a theoretical risk. For instance, I find a higher occurrence of brain cancer in those who work as real estate agents. Get a head set people!

The research has shown that a saliva test on heavy mobile phone users – people who speak on their phone for a minimum of eighty hours a month, or 16 minutes a day – have shown the beginning of cancer promoting mechanisms. Oxidative stress has already started to change their cells though toxic peroxidise and free radical damage, which is the risk factor for cancer. We know very well that most of mobile phone users are speaking for hours. When young people are bored on public transport they talk on a mobile phone. Mobile phones are introduced early in a child’s life, when the brain is still developing.

As consumers we need to ask ourselves a question; do I really need a mobile phone? Do I really need to make that mobile phone call right now? Remember that technology comes at a price. Sometimes it cost more what we bargain for.

I went for a walk this morning, as usual, and saw a young school boy on a mobile phone talking to his friend (must have been very urgent and important) and a few teenagers smoking cigarettes. As a natural practitioner, a mother and a grandmother I am concerned that not much is being done about educating people and in particular young people about  the danger of  talking  on a mobile phone. My parents did not have even a landline phone, nobody got lost and everybody was on time, face to face conversations and social live were flourishing. Does every child need to have the latest model of a mobile phone?

Source: Antioxidants and Redox Signalling, 2013;18:622

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