pineapple smothie2

This smoothie is full on enzymes, fiber, vitamin and minerals. The DH- Natural Medicine Clinic range is very diverse in its applications. You may have a fast and a healthy breakfast while you are taking your supplements at the same time. It is very easy and convenient way too. Below is a recipe, when we added Slim Me protein powder and Appetite Suppressant powder to a breakfast smoothie. Slim Me is a meal replacement while Appetite suppressant is a patented formula which makes extends your satiety for more than 4 hours, thus help to lose weigh even faster.



pinapple smoothie1
½ pineapple,
4 dates, pitted,
1 small banana,
Juice of one lemon,
250 ml of coconut water or almond milk

Blend all ingredients  at the same time in a blender until smooth. Do not use soy milk as extensive research shows that unfermented soy products suppress digestive enzymes, thyroid function, cause allergies and various cancers.

By Danuta Hulajko DH Natural Medicine Clinic

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