No legs oedema after flight for the first time in her life

 Natural Medicine is very powerful, however, it takes time to treat chronic conditions. For chronic conditions for every year of disease, a naturopath needs one month of treatment. In acute conditions, however, the results can be achieved very fast as this case below demonstrates.

Feet oedema can be debilitating if you are traveling overseas or have a busy life.

The most common cause for swollen feet

The most common cause of swollen feet is dependent oedema. Dependent oedema is the swelling we get when our feet are down. Dependent enema is the main reason for swelling many people get by the end of the day

Dependent oedema is affected by what we do and by the environment.

Hot Weather – Dependent oedema is worse when the weather is hot. This is because the hot weather leads to dilated blood vessels and this will lead to oedema, and swelling.

Sedentary life  – We have three pumps in our legs: a foot pump, an ankle pump, and a calf pump. These pumps pump blood and pressure out of our legs and back into the body. If we are sedentary, the pumps don’t function as they should. This is why dependent oedema is a common cause of swollen   feet after prolonged  sitting

Salt – Not everyone is sensitive to excess salt in food. But some people will retain fluid if they eat too much salt. This fluid will usually cause swollen feet and ankles.

Flight – The pressure in an airplane cabin is usually lower than the pressure on the ground. People who tend to swell will notice ankle swelling during and after a flight.

No feet oedema for the first time in her life

As the Covid lockdown and flight restrictions have been recently lifted there has been an influx of overseas traveling. Flight oedema is an issue for many travelers and feet oedema can last for days or even weeks after the flight.  This was the case for a 57-year-old female patient who was planning to go to Europe for a holiday in August  2022. Her feet and ankles were swelling very badly for weeks after every long-haul flight and in hot weather for as long as she remembered.  Therefore she could never enjoy her overseas holidays to the full.   Pressure socks did not work very well for her either. She also has weak immunity,  had two colds/flu since double covid19  vaccination, and has painful osteoarthritis.

As I had only three weeks to work on the patient’s immunity and oedema before her flight to Europe I put her on an intense natural treatment consisting of herbal tonic, immune-stimulating and analgesic (for osteoarthritis ) supplements, and  Tissue salts  ( Natrium Mur 6X).

The herbal tonic was replaced with herbal tablets for her fluid retention /oedema while she was overseas.  She was also advised to take Tissue Salts ( Nat Mur)  and supplements for immunity and natural analgesic for her joint pain.

On return from Europe this is what the patient said at the follow-up consultation:

 My legs were amazing, there were no legs swelling at all for the first time in my life during and after the flight. That was a completely different experience. Before I could not put my shoes on a plane. I was not in pain either.


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