August 2012

Male, “Robert” 55 year old, with severe case of calcium oxalate kidney stones in the last 20 years came to see me. He was passing few kidney stones on off in the last 15 years. He was in severe pain most of the time. Prior to seeing me, his orthodox treatment involved ultrasound blasting, after which he was bleeding heavily.

“Robert “said “ my condition on the orthodox  treatment was deteriorating, I have lost 1o kg in 2 months, and the orthodox medication for kidney prevention did nothing for me. Now I have 2 kidney stones 2mm each in each kidney.”

I have prescribed “Robert” “practitioner range” magnesium and a supplement consisting of herbs supporting kidney function, improving kidney detoxification and urinary waste and reducing inflammation and nutrients protecting renal tubular epithelial cells from damage. He took it religiously for a year and began to feel better. He was also put on a very specific diet for kidney stones prevention.

July 2013

“Robert “ said “ I had an ultrasound last week, there were no kidney stones anymore, Thank you for saving  my kidneys ”.