The complexity of disease in humans has increased over the past 30 years which I have also seen reflected in in my Clinic.  We have new diseases developing that have never been heard of before and some diseases like cancer, diabetes, or autoimmunity now occur at much younger ages.

Using traditional analytical tools like iridology, tongue, or nail diagnosis still has its place although it is often not enough. Medical pathology is not always sensitive enough as well as being very expensive for the patient.

So how then can a patient be treated naturally or in any other way if there are so many factors to consider? Patients might visit one practitioner or another and they can be given a different reason for their disease or even a different diagnosis. Is it due to the liver? Is it digestion? From mould? Is it heavy metals or genetics, or lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, a combination or is it something else?

What is the Metatron NLS Golden Dragon?

The Metatron or Nonlinear Analysis System NLS is the latest in Russian hardware and software health research. It is a non-invasive, safe and cost effective.

Metatron traces any condition in the body through changes in the resonance of body tissue. Every object, small or large, has its own individual frequency or oscillation. It vibrates at a different frequency from any other substance. Metatron can detect and match the frequency of any human body part, cell, and microbe or body organ.

The Twelve Main Meridians ( TCM) and Imbalances are shown and can be corrected using the Metatron NLS Golden Dragon.

In the Pursuit of Answers

As you all may be aware, in the last few years the DH Natural Medicine Clinic has introduced new equipment into our Sydney Clinic such as the Metatron NLS. This technology has been widely used by medical doctors in hospitals and by alternative health practitioners in European countries such as Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Rumania, Switzerland, Great Britain; in Asia in Japan, Taiwan and China and also in the USA for decades.

At the DH Natural Medicine Clinic, Metatron together with our other devices, such as Dark Field Microscopy, ENAR and other natural modalities, our results have exceeded our and our patients’ expectations.

A Large Intestine Analysis and Investigation on the Metatron NLS

The underlying causes of a patient’s disease/s has become much clearer since the introduction of the Metatron NLS. What was almost impossible, difficult or expensive to achieve before, is now possible. A patient’s health status can be assessed within one hour on the Metatron NLS. A natural treatment protocol for a patient can be monitored as well as each individual body organ and support it accordingly during the treatment.

A Heart Assessment on the Metatron NLS

How the Metatron NLS Golden Dragon works?

Metatron has a huge frequency library, which allows the probes on the head piece (trigger sensors) to send out signals to the selected body organs, cells or pathogens asking it to identify itself. Various conditions change the course of metabolic processes in the cells thus initiating changes in the oscillation of the cells.

Metatron NLS stimulates the target area with the appropriate resonate frequencies and re-energises the target area, such as the cells or organ, to restore.

The Metatron NLS is available at the DH Natural Medicine Clinic, Moss Vale, Southern Highlands. For further information please call 02 4854 0205

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Danuta Hulajko is a holistic practitioner, international speaker and the founder & practitioner at the DH Natural Medicine Clinic and in Southern Highlands.

Danuta specialises in Allergies, Anti-Aging, Auto-Immune Conditions, Cardiovascular Conditions, Female Reproductive, Menopause, Mould Toxicity, Skin Conditions, Stress and Insomnia and Thyroid Dysfunction.

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