How diet influences cancer

In the last 30 years, understanding of natural cancer support has expanded supported by clinical evidence. It became evident that cancer cells are extremely adaptive and if deprived of sugar they do not starve but switch their energy source from glucose
to fatty acids to promote growth. Research also shows that a ketogenic diet with a high intake of fat promotes certain cancers like breast, ovarian, gastric, melanoma, and prostate.

What is the role of low-grade inflammation?

Inflammation in the body plays an important role to promote injured tissue healing, combating foreign pathogens, remove dead cells. The process is usually self-limiting one tissue is repaired. However chronic inflammation, which is unregulated can lead to cancer development. Certain foods promote inflammation as well, like junk food for instance.

Which diet is recommended to minimize the risk of cancer?

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to have a positive effect on treating cancer: including breast, prostate, gastric and renal cancers among others. The diet contains a high concentration of polyphenols ( from olive oil, vegetables, and wine) which act in an –anti-inflammatory role and as a result, can reduce the proliferation of cancer.

For instance, olive oil contains a complex mixture of different compounds that inhibits cancer in many ways, but the oil cannot be heated. Other popular Mediterranean food: red grapes red wine, apple mangoes, persimmons, kiwi fruits, tomatoes, onions, berries, and fresh nuts are well studied. They have been found to have cancer preventative and anticancer -proliferative properties.

If you are eating cold see fish you are on the right track too. The EPA and DHA found in uncontaminated fish oil have been shown to inhibit some angiogenic characteristics. Angiogenesis is a process by which new blood vessels develop from pre-existing vessels of a cancer cell.

Mature ripe or cooked tomatoes contain lycopene that have been food to inhibit angiogenesis too. Fresh nuts can be added to that list as well. It appears that regardless of medical condition the Mediterranean diet is always the winner.

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