It is  a fact of life that we eat to relinquish hunger. But health wise, we should also eat to stay healthy. If you want to cut your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and other life-threatening diseases, make sure what you are eating is something your body will benefit from. Here are some of the foods that nutritionists wouldn’t dare to eat so you shouldn’t either!

Refined Grains

You may be unaware of this but your breakfast cereal might be the major cause of your low energy levels and increasing waist line. Commercial breakfast cereal  are higly processed  sometimes fortified with  unbalanced vitamins and minerals, which is rather dangerous.  We cannot  improve Mother  Nature. Processing of grains  can destroy their health benefits. Refined and re-fortified grain products like white rice, breakfast cereals, and pastas are no longer complex carbohydrates. They also lack essential nutrients they once had. Instead of refined grains, go for whole grains such as brown rice and spelt, quinona, kamut  breads, organic  unprocessed oats, and barley. Eat grains  in  moderation as even healthy  grains may  result in weight gain.

Rice Cakes

They may be very tasty but if you have diabetes, the more reason why you wouldn’t want to eat rice cakes. They have a very high glycaemic index (GI) ratings as high as 91 (100 is the highest). You may want to avoid rice cakes completely if you have problems controlling your weight.

 Fizzy Drinks

These beverages whether called “diet”‘ or not  are the same . They can make you fat the way regular sodas do! Diet drinks also contain additional chemicals ( aspartame) that damage the cells and increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. They contains  phospates which  leaches  calcium out  of the  bone.

Sweeteners containing aspartame.

Next time you buy a coffee  and reach  for a sugar substitute look if Aspartame is  there. Check chewery gum and drinks which your children consume.   Aspartame has been documented to cause headaches , numbness, fatigue, blurred vision, blindness, palpitations. and ultimately if in  excess holes in the brain.


Unfermented soy products

Research shows that  unfermented  soy products such as soy milk or tofu  suppress thyroid function, cause  varioius cancers, reproductive disorders, kidney stones, severe , potentially fatal  food alleegies, weakened immune system. Check Dr Mercola website for more information or ask  us. Soya sauce, natto, tempeh, miso are  fermented soy product and are healthy options.