Adopt a Healthy Ageing Lifestyle

We should invest into our  health from the day one.  I have seen in my clinic  many young   people in their twenties and  thirties with  sport’s injuries and avoidable chronic health conditions. These conditions are often  due to a lifestyle choices, peer pressure, junk food, western diet, misleading media adverting, living on the  edge or “burning the candle from both sides “. Twenty years later that lifestyle  has a profound effect on their overall health  and has had accelerated their aging process on the outside and inside the body.  On the other hand I see patients, some in their 50th- 80th  age bracket  who  have never  been  on orthodox medications in their life, are investing  in their health and are in touch  with  their body.  Therefore their biological age* is lower than their  chronological age*, this what we all want.
harwestA healthy ageing lifestyle requires optimal nutrition through a healthy diet and lifestyle, supported by appropriate supplementation to form the foundation of good health. A nutrient dense diet includes protein, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. Being active and taking time out are also important ingredients in a healthy, happy life; so make sure you stay active and enjoy fun and relaxation on most days. A healthy ageing lifestyle is the insurance you need to keep you healthy and vital for years to come.

*Biological age- age of your body based on the performance and testing of your  body organs, ie. if your total cholesterol is  elevated or you have an autoimmune  disease it is likely that your biological age will be more than your  chronological  age. Our clinic  does  free test for our patients to define their biological markers.

* Chronological age- how old you are based  on the date of  your birth

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Danuta in dispensary1Danuta Hulajko is  a holistic practitioner, international speaker,  founder of the DH Natural Medicine Clinic and , Sydney. She specialises in anti-aging, autoimmunity, thyroid conditions, digestive disorders and heavy metals chelation. For more information please go to our website. You can follow Danuta Hulajko work, events, seminars, expos, latest health research, her health tips and advice on Facebook  and LinkedIn