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Metatron NLS

Holistic Health Practitioner,

Danuta Hulajko does health checks using this safe and non-invasive technology

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The Metatron NLS scans the whole body and assists a practitioner to restore your health and vitality.


1 hour on the Metatron NLS: whole body scanning,  selected treatments and printed summary report.

 only $400, which is an equivalent to $60,000-$80,000  of orthodox tests.

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In a one hour Metatron NLS consultation you will discover:


  • What allergies or sensitivities you may have
  • Status of each of your body systems, organs, tissue, cells and DNA
  • Status of your immune system
  • How bad bacteria or parasites are affecting your health
  • If you have nutritional deficiencies
  • If you are taking the right supplements
  • And if you have inflammation in your body
  • Why your energy is so low
  • How your digestive system is functioning
  • Why you have difficulties maintaining weight
  • How your lifestyle is affecting your health
  • How your genes are impacting on your health
  • If you have heavy metal toxicity
  • If you need antioxidants
  • And if your body organs functioning at their optimum level

The Metatron NLS facilitates the body’s own healing abilities.

The Metatron Nonlinear Analysis System (NLS) has incredible potential for any health condition. It uses the bodies natural energy fields that have been known to humans since ancient times. It is safe, effective and accurate. The Metratron NLS  stimulates the target area with appropriate resonate frequencies, and re-energising the targeted area, such as the cells or organ to restore natural healing processes.  See our amazing testimonials below.


Are you tired all the time?

Do you have difficulties getting out of bed?

Is being a young parent too overhelming?

Does your day depends on caffeine to keep you going?


The Metatron NLS identifies the exact strain of bacteria or virus that may be causing disharmony in the body and other causes of your fatigue

Fatigue can be due to a viral or bacterial infection, adrenal fatigue…

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Watch the video on the capabilities of the Metatron, Golden Dragon NLS.


The Metatron Health Check is for anyone who needs resolution of their health concerns..


I had not even realised that I had a severe Helicobacter pylori infection in my stomach. It was resolved in just one month. I am blown away with the Metatron technology and cannot wait for my next session.

Chandra, 65 yr old, Intensive Care Nurse, Bondi

I could not lose weight no matter what I did. I had severe sugar cravings, felt very lethargic most of the time, and had pain in my hips and knees because of my weight. The Metatron NLS body scanning confirmed that I had fatty liver which may lead to diabetes. We did some treatments on Metatron and with the help of some tonic and supplements, I am more optimistic and look forward to a slimmer and happier me.

Ivana P., 39 yr old, Melbourne

I felt very tired in the last 3 months and with Metatron, we found out on the spot that I had a few specific viruses and parasites which were the culprit. They were zapped on the spot and a herbal tonic was given to finish them off.

Nick, 45 yr old, Illawong

I did the NLS Metatron body scanning not only because of my chronic and debilitating digestive problems but also out of professional curiosity. I cannot speak highly enough about what this technology did for my health and what it can do for for other people.

Rosemarie J, 40 yr old , Chiropractor, Roselle

For years I had severe and increasing food intolerances and allergies, a history of stomach ulcers, chronic gut pain, bloating and severe muscle aches and "brain fog". I did multiple allergy tests which were inconsistent. I was told by another naturopath that I had a leaky gut, but no treatment had any lasting effects. I saw many specialists but I was not getting any better. The Metatron findings were that I had severe parasitic infection and Helicobacter Pylori in my stomach which was causing my ulcers. I am finally on the road to recovery now.

Ashley K, 28 yr old, Surry Hills

I've had severe diarrhea for 20 years and no cause could ever be found. I was severely underweight, malnourished and subsequently depressed. The Metatron NLS helped me to find the specific parasite which was 'zapped' on Metatron. Just after two months of taking natural supplements my diarrhoea had stopped and at last, I have begun to put on weight.

Trish E, 75 yr old, Wollongong

The Metatron NLS identifies the exact strain of bacteria or virus that may be causing disharmony in the body and other causes of your fatigue

Fatigue can be due to a viral or bacterial infection, adrenal fatigue, underactive thyroid or Hashimotos disease, inflammation, chronic pain, gut/liver toxicity, emotional/mental stress, poor energy production, sleep apnoea, sleep deprivation, high fat/carbohydrate diet, obesity or due to an iron deficiency.

People may have viral or bacterial infections all year around as our immune system encounters pathogens on a daily basis. To differentiate between a viral or bacterial infection is sometimes difficult as the symptoms may not be so obvious but it is crucial to know. Some people are more susceptible to catch a cold or flu, or viral infection than others.

The Metatron technology is very effective, and the only instant way to differentiate between specific strains of viral and bacterial infections, in many cases showing early stages of infections before a patient even experiences any symptoms. Having such knowledge can also minimise pathogens exposure to other people, in particular infants and the elderly. This knowledge also enables a practitioner to deliver an even more precise treatment protocol and ensures a patient’s faster recovery time.

The Metatron NLS stimulates the body’s own healing process

After completing the analysis, the Metatron NLS stimulates the body’s healing process by using one of the many treatment options. Metatron assists in the re-energizing of the targeted area whether cells or organ. The Metatron scanner records the condition of the treatments and allows the practitioner to compare before and after changes. This way Metatron makes it easy for the practitioner and the patient to be well informed about the progress and effectiveness of the therapy.

The Metatron NLS allows the practitioner to incorporate any modality and to complement with natural supplements where indicated. There are several options of Metatron treatments such as metatherapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition,  litotherapy (vibration of crystals), iridology and even acupuncture.

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This Metatron health check is brought to you by holistic practitioner, Danuta Hulajko

Master Nat. Sc.
(Warsaw University, 1975)
Dip. Bot .Med., Dip. Nut.

Danuta is a Naturopathic herbalist, Nutritionist with 20 years experience. She uses her multidisciplinary knowledge, experience and scientific diagnostic tools like Live Blood Microscopy, Metatron, ENAR therapy in conjunction with natural medicine. She is passionate about restoring and maintaining good health and vitality for her patients in Australia and other countries.

Danuta was a guest speaker at the NLS  Metatron International Conference in Prague in April 2014. She also runs regular Health Seminars on various topics.

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