Coriander heavy metals chelation pesto

Heavy metal toxicity is more common that you may think. I have done hundreds of mineral hair analyses for my patients and not only lead, mercury, but also cadmium, aluminium and beryllium is an issue. Heavy metals are a major cause of hormonal imbalances, cancer, neurological problems or food allergies.  Nature has provided the human kind with nutrients which can help to chelate the heavy metals. The recipe below is easy to make, taste delicious and removes heavy metals from the body.


4 cloves of garlic

1/3 cup brazil nuts (rich source of selenium)

1/3 cup sunflower seed (cysteine amino acid)

1/3 pumpkin seeds (zinc, magnesium)

2 cups packed fresh coriander

2/3 cup of flaxseed oil or olive oil

4 table spoons lemon juice

2 teaspoons dulse (seaweed)

Himalayan or Celtic salt to taste. Other salts contain sodium aluminosilicate, anti caking agent which is carcinogenic.

corainder pesto2

Coriander pesto is an adjunct to the heavy metal chelation


Process coriander with oil in a blender until is chopped. Add the garlic, nuts, seeds, dulse powder, and lemon juice and blend until the mixture has a paste consistency. The pesto can be used on bread, baked vegetables,pasta and crackers.  If you think you have heavy metal toxicity or are exposed to it on a daily basis use two teaspoons for three weeks at least once a year. Also heavy metal chelation by a qualified practitioner may be necessary.

Source: Recipe, The NZ Journal of Natural Health, Feb – May 2015, K Ferlow

by Danuta Hulajko, DH, Natural Medicine Clinic, Sydney

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258Danuta Hulajko is  a holistic practitioner, international speaker,  founder of the DH Natural Medicine Clinic and , Sydney. She specialises in anti-aging, autoimmunity, digestive disorders and heavy metals chelation. For more information please go to our website. You can follow Danuta Hulajko work, events, seminars, expos, latest health research, her health tips and advice on Facebook  and LinkedIn

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