Comfrey oitment has healed chronic wounds

Case study

12/10/2012 Patient has  presented with wounds on his both hands which were not healing for  years, with  dry, cracking  skin with bloody  discharges. His condition was due to a poor treatment of his hypohydrosis ( excessive sweating)  of hands. The orthodox treatment initially involved use of aluminum hydroxide which has burned his skin followed  by a three separate   doses  of a liquid nitrogen applications. The skin on his hands become very dry, with a few millimeters deep  ” craters ” of  burned connective tissue. Patient has  been suffering with such condition of his hands for few years. The “Healing  Remedies” , potent  Comfrey ointment was dispensed  and the patient was advised to apply it  at night.

1/12/2012 Patients wounds









JOseph-Gallo2Despite a daily exposure to harmful chemicals at work, just two months later  his hands are completely healed. The fresh  skin is still dry  and sensitive and he continues  to apply the comfrey  ointment.






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