There is a common misconception among many individuals that the best way to start  the Spring  is to detoxify the liver. This cannot be further from the truth. There is a scope and a place to detoxify the liver when the time is right. Liver plays an important role in detoxification, but is not the only organ helping body to eliminate. We must not forget the skin, the kidneys and the lungs. Most of the existing protocols of body detoxification are overburding the liver, completely overlooking the role of the gut and other organ of elimination.

Step One- Cleaning the gut

Dr Bernard Jensen, famous Nutritionist and Iridologist wrote” what goes in doesn’t always come out “. Bowel holds onto waste material longer than anyone realises. When we clean out the bowel and this old and rotting material there will be less autointoxication. He believes that toxic material decaying away in the sigmoid colon is the beginning of degenerative diseases. If we do not have at least one bowel movent a day toxins are being reabsorbed from he large intestine and sigmoid colon into the blood system and back into the liver again for detoxification. Some individuals may have bowel movement every second or third day. In such severe bowel obstruction there is severe autointoxication i.e. recycling toxins over and over again. Mind you, that your liver has to deal with a new daily load of toxins to process and the same time. Therefore it is really makes sense to clean your gut first to help your liver and other organs of elimination.
What are the signs of autointoxication?

Autointoxication is the result of faulty bowel functioning which produces undesirable consequences in the body. The symptoms may be:

o Constipation and increase in body weight
o Fatigue and lethargy,
o Headache and migraine
o Bloating and gas
o Bad breath, indigestion and heartburn
o Sinus and head cold
o Intestinal parasites, Candida and imbalances in friendly gut flora
o Sleep disturbance
o painful joints and inflammation

How do I clean my gut?

Our clinic is using seven day cleansing program, including nutritional and herbal supplements and dietary changes. This program may be repeated at certain intervals until autointoxication is resolved. I recommend colonic irrigation in combination with my treatment only in complex cases. Frequent colonic irrigation will have adverse effect upon electrolyte balance and friendly bacteria of the colon. Subsequently it is important to supplement sodium, potassium and magnesium to replenish electrolyte and balance your gut flora.

We monitor gut toxicity through live blood microscopy,  iridology,  Matrix toxicity test and urinary indican test and  other advanced technologies.   Once the results are satisfactory patient may proceed to Step Two of body organ detoxification; including liver, kidney, lymphatic system and connective tissue.

Step Two-liver, kidney, and lymphatic system detoxification

In our next blog I will elaborate how to detoxify your liver without overburding your kidneys, skin or lungs. Our body systems is actually one body system immensely complex and so entangled that we must treat it gently, systematically and with respect, while observing the rules of the direction of vital force.

Danuta Hulajko
Master Nat. Sc., Dip Bot.Med. Dip.Nut.