Christmas Message from Danuta Hulajko at DH – Natural Medicine Clinic

This Christmas, 2012, is the most special time in our civilisation’s Calender. On the precise day of the 21st of December is the Summer Solstice. The Sun will be in front of the middle of the dark rift in the Milky Way. For Mayans this has the meaning of the Sun being reborn.

For the ancient Mayans the importance of astronomy was the foundation of the profound metaphor of transformation and rebirth. That civilisation was in touch with their own spirituality.

Have you noticed how planet Earth has been cleansing itself in the last few years, at physical, emotional, spiritual, and even political levels? The exploitation of the planet’s resources and the lack of responsibility has lead to unprecedented environmental disasters in our human history .   There has been an increase of cyclones, flooding, and tsunami earthquakes. For example, the consequences of the nuclear leaks from Japan are still to be seen in the decades to come.

On the other hand there has been an increase in various forms of energetic healing – so we can regain that spiritual connection again to balance a rational and materialistic interpretation of life.

We are blessed to live on the continent of plenty- so for this Christmas do something real special for those disadvantaged in Australia or other countries. Maybe do something different to protect the planet Earth from now on. Let’s help to raise the global level of consciousness from Planet exploitation to our roles as Caretakers. From declaring the war on everything to sharing the Peace.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Peaceful New Year to You and Your family.