Can virus cause the heart murmur and arrhythmia?

Heart arrhythmia and heart murmur are usually ‘reserved’ for people over 50, but no one would suspect it in a 26 year-old fit and healthy woman. The symptoms of arrhythmia began 6 years ago when Emma* was just 20 years-old. With no cardiovascular history in the family, the doctors were puzzled and she was hospitalized with arrhythmia twice. Her specialised blood tests were normal and there was no reason Emma had two arrhythmia attacks in as many years. Heart symptoms can’t be mistaken for a reflux or epilepsy as it was the case of 16 years old male, who was given a drug for epilepsy and had died of the heart attack at the age of 24.

Take care your heart

Emma goes to the gym 4-5 times a week, runs, does yoga, and has a responsible job. She noticed that her arrhythmia happened after the gym. Considering her high level of physical activity, her daily two-litres of water intake was inadequate.

Can a virus cause heart arrhythmia?

Apart from electrolyte imbalances such as low calcium, and low potassium, the patient had weak digestion and adrenal stress, but Emma’s heart looked normal. That was until we looked closer at the pathogens. Emma had a high level of Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in the body organ .

Infection with HCMV continues to be a major threat for pregnant women due to complications. Emma has said that she wants to be a mum one day. The symptoms for the child may be severe, including vision and hearing loss, small head size, weakness and difficulty using muscles, problems with coordination, and seizures.

The mode of HCMV transmission is presumed to occur through bodily fluids. Infection requires close, intimate contact with a person secreting the virus in their saliva, urine, or other bodily fluids. Other than being transmitted sexually, it can also occur via breast milk, through receiving transplanted organs, or blood transfusions. Although HCMV is not highly contagious, it has been shown to spread in households and among young children in day care centres.

If Emma has a viral heart disease, also known as myocarditis, could her heart condition be caused by this virus? The jury is still out and I hope it will not progress that far. The virus would attack the heart muscle, causing inflammation, and disrupting the electrical pathways that signal the heart to beat properly. It appears that HCMV infection of Emma’s heart may be the cause of her problems.

In most of these cases the body will heal itself and you might never know you had a problem. However, in rare cases, the infection itself and the resulting inflammation can damage and weaken the heart. This can also trigger heart failure and heart rhythm irregularities.

Emma was dispensed an herbal antiviral tonic and a homeopathic remedy for her heart condition. Once the cause of any heart condition is identified, it makes treatment so much easier.To date her heart arthytmia  has not returned.


1 with atherosclerosis

*Not her real name

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